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Established in 1971, World Translation Service has been serving and growing with the industries and people in the Republic Of China in the aspects of accelerated economic growth, elevated standard of living, technology advancement as well as the increasingly high demands of translation service quality. We strongly believe that good translations not only represent the translator's knowledge and ability, but also determine the success of a particular deal. Consequently, our company hires only the highest quality translators to efficiently and effectively serve our customers.

Our services include translation in 30 different languages in the following areas such as: Notary documents, Instruction manuals, Mass Media, Information Technology, Official Documents in Law & Business, Environmental protection, Architecture, Patents, Chemistry, Medicine, Video Tapes, Reports, Finance & Audit, Thesis & Dissertations, Recommendation Letters, Food, Music, Cosmetology & Cosmetics, Mechanical Engineering, Arts, Religion, Interpretation for Business Exhibition, Simultaneous Interpretation, Transportation, Computer, Typing in Foreign Languages, Type-setting & Binding.

We employ nearly 600 top-notch translators of the best quality and with the backgrounds of high technology, PhDs, professors and experts coming from domestic and abroad such as China (Universities of Xia-Men, Zhe-jiang, Beijing, Shen-yang..) Southeast Asia, U.S.A and Europe.

In the specialized field of computer, we provide translation services in operation manuals, semiconductors, computer terminologies, software languages, systems, ISO standards, etc. In the Metro system, we have translated the areas of subway, ground, tunnels, electric railways, soil conservation, remote control rooms, air-conditioning systems, and electrical and mechanical etc.

Our recognized strength has been in our ability to provide services in more than 30 languages both in writing and speaking such as English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, Thai, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, Finnish, Swedish, Vietnamese, Malay, Indian, Hungarian, Mongolian, Polish, Cambodian, and Laotian.

We can proudly announce hereby the names of our customers satisfied with our services and have stayed with us for more than 15 years in the past twenty years.

They are: IBM in computer industry; CTCI Corporation in construction industry; Matsushita Electric (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. in home appliance; Mei Kung Publishing Co., Ltd. in printing business; Others such as Fu Kuo Audio & Video Corporation, Success Institute, Department of Construction, Ministry of Economic Affairs; Ministry of Justice, and Committee for Science Development etc.


Thank you for your interest. If you have any questions or would like any of our services, please provide your name and phone number; or simply send the document you would like to have translated to us by e-mail: or by fax to our 24-hour fax number : (02) 2388-0405. We will contact you as quickly as possible.

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